I don’t know about you but every now and then I need a vacation…from work, from classes, housework, (insert any number of things here), etc. For some it’s the grind of the day-to-day and for others it’s just the time of year but everyone needs a vacation…even you. And below I’ll tell you why.

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I am often asked by those I work with or coach. “How can I get more energy to become more productive?” Now there is no magic pill or bullet for this but there are some steps you can take. And this one simple life hack is something you have been told before, it’s available to you, you can do right now and it costs very little money if anything at all.

Drink water first thing in the morning and drink more of it throughout the day. I personally Read more

[guestpost]This is a guest post from my friend Anna Korbel. She is currently a graduate student working towards a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Kansas where she also serves as an Assistant Complex Director for KU Student Housing. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado. Anna is passionate about student learning, student learning and using social media practices to engage students and build community. You can follow and connect with her Anna on Twitter.[/guestpost]

When you think of a bucket list most people immediately go to thinking about all the things you want to do in your life before you die. But really, a bucket list has nothing to do about dying, its really just a list of things you want to accomplish in your lifetime, or in a smaller scope, a period of time.

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Why a bucket list

I have been a fan of bucket lists for a while. As someone who regularly sets goals for myself I create “bucket lists” as a way to try and accomplish or experience something in that particular part of life. Read more

Do you ever feel like you have way too much to do? Overwhelmed by so many little things you need to get done you can’t even think about the big tasks or get to the important stuff you need to do?

Well…embrace the 2 minute rule and you will find you feel more productive, less stressed, and have the time to get to what really matters!

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[guestpost]This is a guest post by Amy Collinsworth who works at Boston University as the Student Outreach Manager for the Center for Career Development and the Educational Resource Center. She holds a bachelor of arts in marketing from Rockford University and a master of science in college student personnel from the University of Tennessee. Amy’s professional background includes working in MBA career management and undergraduate student leadership development. You can connect with her at @AmyCollinsworth[/guestpost]

“Today we will drive to the parking lot at your school, and by using the tool we learned about in the Tony Robbins recording*, you will make the basketball into the basket on your first shot!” dad said. I was not sure what to expect as we drove to the parking lot at Thompson Elementary that breezy spring afternoon, but I was certain my petite 4-foot-tall frame and poor hand-eye coordination would be my down-fall in making the basket. I got out of the car and walked to the hoop, carefully positioning myself a few feet in front of the hoop on the center of the faded white spray painted line.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Closed Eyes

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The National Center for Education projects over 1.6 million students will graduate with bachelor’s degree in 2014. And according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook 2014 survey, employers plan to hire 8.6 percent more college graduates in 2014 then they did in 2013.

So whether you are a college grad or someone who is starting a job with a new company, let me start off by saying CONGRATS! You got the job. You were the one the company pick over all the other applicants.

Even though you were the one chosen for the job, the company is still wondering if they made the right decision. So now your first day, your first week is getting closer and closer. What can you do to show your new employer, supervisor, and coworkers that your ARE the right person for the job and they didn’t make a mistake when they hired you?

Photo Credit: SalFalko via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: SalFalko via Compfight cc

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Take a minute and close your eyes. Think about one thing you have always wanted to do. What would you achieve if you had no fear, monetary constraints or obstacles in your way? Envision accomplishing your biggest dream or most outlandish goal. What is that big dream for you?

With your dream in mind, there are hundreds of people who set out last week to turn their dream into reality. Some have been thinking about this dream for years and others for decades. Their dream…to standing on top of the world!

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This first week of April marks the beginning of Everest season. A time of excitement and anticipation. For some, years and months of training and fundraising have ended. And now the hard work begins. Those climbers have arrived in Kathmandu to attempt to complete the dream of a lifetime. So as a tribute to the dream of reaching the summit of Everest (which is something I hope to do one day) here is a 3 step process to get your dreams in order and start accomplishing them.  Read more

How many of us when feeling stressed and overwhelmed think if I create a to-do list and get everything I need to do on paper I will feel less stressed. Well, there is some truth to this. By putting everything that needs to get done on paper gets it out of your mind. But when you then go and look at your long to-do list you feel overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of the list. It’s time to stop using a traditional to-do list. [Tweet This]

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Call long to-do lists what they really are – long term things you might get done, some day. [Tweet This] Don’t create a long to-do list to accomplish every day. It can be so daunting. [Tweet This] Instead create your 3 Must Do’s for each day. Read more

[guestpost] This is a guest post by Michaela Cristallo who inspires people to embrace their purpose and live their best creative life every day. Join her at For the Creators to embrace your creativity and be the passionate and imaginative person you were born to be. Michaela’s offering readers a free creative purpose poster and e-Book to inspire you to live a creative passion filled life everyday, click here to get yours.[/guestpost]

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” ― Mark Twain

When you hear people talk about finding their passion, it often sounds rather elusive. Something that’s there but hidden, waiting to be discovered somewhere in the depths of your soul. The elusiveness of passion often leaves those who haven’t yet found ‘it’ in a state of constant longing where your passion can feel utterly unreachable.

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Why uncovering your passion is the key

I’ve read every piece of find your passion advice out there and after finally finding mine in the world of creativity I think I’ve found the secret. I believe finding your passion can be much simpler than it’s often made out to be. The trick lies in uncovering it rather than discovering it. Here’s why.

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The one action you must take before setting any goals is REFLECTION.

Reflecting on where you have been and where you are is important to determining where you are going to go. [Tweet This]

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.” ~Margaret J. Wheatley

Benefits of Reflection

  • Understand the why. Through reflection you can start to figure out why you want to set this particular goal. Knowing the why will give the goal a deeper purpose.  Because you know the true purpose you will be more likely to succeed.
  • Understand who you are. Reflecting on why goals are important and our purpose behind them will help you understand yourself better. Knowing who we are can give each of us a better idea of how we have come to be this way and where we want to go in the future.
  • Understand ways to change and improve. Goals are about change. Using reflection as a tool can empower each of us to see areas in our lives needing change or improvement.  Change is how we as humans grow, become better people, and accomplish great things!

How To Use Reflection in Goal Setting

1. Determine the goal you want to set.

Example: I will lose 10 pounds in the next 10 weeks.

2. Why is this goal important to you? What is driving you to complete this goal? Restate the goal from above and add “because” to the end of the sentence and answer the why?

Example: I will lose 10 pounds in the next 10 weeks BECAUSE I want to feel better about my body. have more energy and create healthy habits.

3. Ask yourself: What has stopped me from accomplishing this goal in the past?

Example: I didn’t have any idea how to lose 10 pounds or I wasn’t losing the weight as quickly as I thought I would.

4. What fears do I have about this goal?

Example: I am afraid I won’t lose the 10 pounds and accomplish my goal and be seen as a failure.

5. How do you think you will feel when you accomplish this goal?

Example: I will feel like I have more energy, feel better about myself, and feel like I am more active.

 By taking the time to reflect on a goal you want to set you will be  intentionally considering why this particular goal is important to you, why you want to accomplish it and the obstacles you may face that could deter you.

Spending time reflecting will increase the probably of following through and accomplishing your goal.

What other questions do you use to reflect and help establish your goals?