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How to Reflect on the Year

There are times when I have felt disheveled, out of place. or just unorganized. It could also be described as just feeling off-balance.

Whatever it is or whatever you want to call it, spending some time collecting my thoughts usually helps.


Skills of the Future

Professional work has always been a game of skills, regardless of the classification of your occupation. Whether you’re a white- or a blue-collar worker, you need to possess and demonstrate skills that can help you complete your tasks.


How To Recover From A Terrible Job Interview

You studied the company, you put on your most professional outfit, you went through all the talking points in your head, you prepared thought-provoking questions, and then you completely blew it. Terrible job interviews leave a horrible taste in your mouth. A ton of different circumstances can bring this about, and not all of them […]

How to Improve Your Resume According to Science

Creating a resume is difficult and can be painstaking but the benefits of a new job can far outweigh the work and stress of creating a resume. Below are 18 resume tips to get you ahead of your competition. Please note that #3 is not true if you are in higher education, where a longer resume […]

How to Create S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals

I have noticed over the years that I have been more productive and more successful throughout the year when I have written down my goals. Writing down my goals gives me a blueprint for where I should be going and where I should be focusing my time for the year. It’s a way to set my […]

How off balance is your life?

Have you ever been in a presentation where the presenter uses graphs or charts to drive home a point? Have you noticed how effective it is at helping you visualize the results of something? Well, the Wheel of Life assessment helps you do that with your life. It takes the major elements of your life […]