Improve Your Productivity In 2 Minutes Or Less

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Do you ever feel like you have way too much to do? Overwhelmed by so many little things you need to get done you can’t even think about the big tasks or get to the important stuff you need to do?

Well…embrace the 2 minute rule and you will find you feel more productive, less stressed, and have the time to get to what really matters!

I have been using and preaching the 2 minute rule for over 10 years now.  Before I implemented this technique I felt I was drowning in all the tasks I had to complete. I would spend a lot of my time writing down on a to-do list everything that needed to get done (BTW: I don’t use a huge to-do list anymore. Click here to find out what I use). The to-do list was daunting to say the least. I came to a point where there was too much stress when I tried to tackle this list. There had to be a better way.

Then I came across the 2 minute rule and it has made a dramatic impact on my productivity in work and at home. And best of all it clears my mind of all the little things and I don’t spend time worrying about them.

What is the 2 Minute Rule?

Originally create by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done. The premise is if the task is actionable, meaning you have to do something to get it done, and it takes 2 minutes or less then you do it right away.

For example, if you are going through your email and the response will only take a couple of minutes then reply to the email and get it done!

This idea of 2 minutes or less relates to anything you are doing. If you are opening your mail and you receive a bill. If it will only take you 2 minutes to pay the bill, write a check or put your credit card number down, put a stamp on it, then you do it and get it done!

The premise of the 2 minute rule is that it would take longer to write the task down on your to do list and look at it again later then it would to just DO IT NOW.

Benefits of the 2 Minute Rule

  1. Finish the little things. By following the 2 minutes or less rule you will have less little things to do. It will free up your mind to spend on more important tasks and projects.
  2. Feel more productive. The 2 minute rule is about doing and taking action. Putting something in motion. It will get the ball rolling on completing tasks. You will feel accomplished and productive which you can continue through the rest of the day.

By following the 2 minute rule it keeps tasks that can be completed in this time frame from being added to your to-do list.  It essentially gets them done before they even have a chance to get on that list. Thus keeping your to-do list shorter from the start.

The 2 minute rule will create a dramatic improvement in your productivity, get you over the obstacle of procrastination, and just keep your to-do list much shorter (and include only the most important stuff).

Try it for month and you will get into such a great productivity groove.

What is your favorite productivity tip?