3 Simple Steps to Uncovering Your Passion

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” ― Mark Twain

When you hear people talk about finding their passion, it often sounds rather elusive. Something that’s there but hidden, waiting to be discovered somewhere in the depths of your soul. The elusiveness of passion often leaves those who haven’t yet found ‘it’ in a state of constant longing where your passion can feel utterly unreachable.

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Why uncovering your passion is the key

I’ve read every piece of find your passion advice out there and after finally finding mine in the world of creativity I think I’ve found the secret. I believe finding your passion can be much simpler than it’s often made out to be. The trick lies in uncovering it rather than discovering it. Here’s why.

We all have passions within us right now but sometimes we are so busy trying to discover our passion that what is within us stays dormant, never to see the light of day. The truth is that your passions are within you right now, they just need some encouragement to come to the surface.

Three steps to uncovering your passion

Finding your passion doesn’t need to be so hard. In fact, I think it’s as simple as a bit of reflection and play. All the answers are already within you, so finding your passion is simply about bringing it to the surface. Here are my three steps to uncover your passion – 

1. Look to your childhood

What did you love to do as a child? Was it playing doctors and nurses? Doing arts and crafts? Playing shop? Or something else entirely? Whatever it was there is something to it.

While our childhood interests are limited by the constraints of what we knew and could understand as children the underlying themes of what you loved and were naturally drawn to probably still hold true today.

If you loved playing doctor maybe your passion lies in helping people. If you loved doing arts and crafts maybe you are the creative type. If you loved playing shop perhaps you have the entrepreneurial streak. Look at what you loved to do as a child and seek out the underlying passions. Let them guide you to what you could do today.

2. Explore your life story

We all have a life story with running themes that show up again and again throughout it. What has been the theme to your life story? Is it recovery? Empathy? Creativity? Or something else entirely?

Look to the threads that piece your life story together and ask, what are the common themes? Throughout your life you’ve been on a twisting and turning path with many lessons learnt. It’s time to how it all fits together and what it’s been calling you to do.

My life story has been all about uncovering my creativity and seeking freedom from the constraints that were blocking it. From this I have uncovered my creative passions and purpose.

What’s your life story? And what passions might emerge from this?

3. Let yourself play

As adults we often consider play as a waste of time, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. When we play we explore, imagine and dream. Without restrictions, time frames or set goals we are free to see the possibilities of what could be.

Let yourself play into things that interest you without any hard and fast rules about what should happen. Play into interests uncovered from your childhood and life story and see what comes.

Play simply for play’s sake and you’ll be surprised at what can emerge. Don’t put pressure on yourself to come to conclusions or make a decision, just allow yourself to explore. Through play you can reconnect with what it is you are passionate about by experiencing the true essence and joy of an activity.

Your passion is within you right now

Your passion is there within you right now, you just need to uncover it. By following these three steps you’ll set yourself on the path to uncovering your passion and living the fun and freedom filled life you deserve.

Have you uncovered your passion? If not, what’s one step you can take today to get a little closer?