How to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

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Learn to Make the Best LinkedIn to Attract Recruiters 

We are living in an age where the advancement of technology has resulted in an ever-changing job environment and technological automation is causing job loss. To excel, one needs to strive to become a lifelong dynamic learner to acquire skills of the future to stay relevant and keep thriving. Those who stop learning and give up on skill development might not be able to survive the technological revolution.

Besides staying tuned with the latest in your field, it is also important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated with the courses you took up for the same. It helps to communicate it to a potential recruiter or employer that you are open to learning new things and also have genuine love for what you do for a living. Never forget the fact that recruiters might be filtering only a few candidates for the interview and your first job is to get your foot in the door.

Sharing details of the recent awards and accolades you received or any other achievements can be quite helpful in making you stand out in the crowd of candidates who applied for the same position. Read through infographic for the 10-step guide on how you can attract recruiters on LinkedIn.