Recognition on a Shoestring Budget

Currently, I am attending the 2012 Association of Intermountain Housing Officers (AIMHO) Annual Conference in Billings, Montana. My personal belief is if you are going to take the time to attend a conference, you should also take the time submit a program session proposal. Well, I did just that and am presenting a few program sessions at the conference.

With that being said I am going to use my blog to post a recap a my program sessions with helpful materials. Here is one of the other sessions I presented: 13 Months to Train a Resident Assistant.

Thank You’s
One session, Recognition on a Shoestring Budget, I co-presented with Ebonie Carter from Sante Fe University. This presentation would not be possible without her and I thank her for her time as we met weekly for a couple of months to develop this program. It was a pleasure working with her. Also, Ebonie and I need to thank Jen O’Brien from Arizona State University – Tempe for helping with the initial submission of this program.

Helpful Documents

Recognition on a Shoestring Budget Presentation, Recognition on a Shoestring Budget PowerPoint, Recognition on a Shoestring Budget Toolkit, Building Your Toolkit, Employee Recognition Survey, Recognition Meter Activity, Awards and Recognition Staff Survey, Awards and Recognition Student Staff Survey

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