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Get Ahead of the Competition

This article was originally posted on HigherEdJobs.com. Click here to visit the page. Everyone should apply for at least one job a year. There are many reasons and benefits as to why. Searching now can help you find your dream job, keeps you sharp, and keeps your materials up-to-date. Check out my 5 Reasons Everyone […]


Multitasking Is Killing Your Productivity

Multitasking was once touted as the productivity habit of champions. Answering phone calls while typing memos while scheduling meetings while Tweeting, “Liking” and posting may feel like you’re accomplishing many things all at once. You can do all your busy work along with the important tasks by balancing several devices and platforms at the same […]

Resume Length: How Long is Too Long?

Whether you are a new college graduate or an experienced executive looking to get a job at a new company, the age old question of resume length will still be plaguing you. How long is too long? What is the exact number of pages acceptable for resumes? These questions must be running through your mind […]

The Perks of Being Grateful

‘Thank You’ are some of the first words we are taught as children. Growing up, most of us were taught to say thank you as a common courtesy for when somebody gives us something, does a favor for us or helps us in some way. Others learn to give thanks for daily blessings like saying […]